Magic Mushrooms: Most Popular Strains

Here is a list of our favourite and most popular magic mushroom strains on the planet. To help you review magic mushrooms, the right ones!

1. The Azurescens Mushroom

Some consider the Psilocybe azurescens to be the strongest magic mushroom strain in the world. It is twice as strong as the common magic mushroom – the one you’ve probably tried at a musical festival or friend’s house party – Psilocybe cubensis.

A Psilocybe azurescens specimen growing in the wild.In truth it should never be taken by beginners or by those who have a low tolerance to psilocybin. Unless you’re super adventurous and are looking to reach the type of trip we classify as a “total loss” where you lose contact with reality and enter a mystical realm. Even experienced tend to be cautious when enjoying this strain because it has a one, two punch that is out of this world and into the next galaxy.

Psilocybe azurescens can be found in the West Coast and even in Germany at times. It usually grows in the grassy parts near the coastal areas. Making it a very rare strain in most parts of Canada and the rest of the world. British Columbians like to hoard this one.

2. Golden Teacher Mushroom

“Psychonauts” love Golden Teachers because the psychedelic journey of these mushroom are known to have a profound internal impact. Most of the population that love magic mushrooms love them because of an experience they had with this strain.

A dried Golden Teacher mushroomThe Golden Teacher will be your ally if you’re looking for deep conversation, profound thoughts and spiritual depth in your psychedelic trip.
As Richard Boothby, the famous philosophy professor would once say when speaking to volunteers about to go on a mushroom trip: “think
of yourself as an astronaut being blasted into outer space. You’re going out there to take it all in and engage with whatever you find out there.”

If you talk to anyone who took a healthy dose of Teachers they would explain their trip as such. Don’t believe us? Just try them out yourself.

3. Psilocybe liniformans Mushroom

What makes Psilocybe liniformans one of the favourite shroom strains out there? It is regarded as a strain for beginners because of how low the psilocybin content is. It is not as potent as the other magic mushrooms on this list and is perfect for those who are just starting out and looking for a “Beginner’s Paradise trip.

Psilocybe liniformans can be found in most places in the Pacific Northwest – including Vancouver, Kelowna, Vancouver Island, and they even make it out to Alberta. Anywhere where it is quite cold, these babies can grow.

It commonly grows there during the summer to winter seasons and is easily found in grasslands. Summer to winter as in end of August until December. You can distinguish this one from other strains because of its strong starchy aroma.

4. Amazonian Mushroom

A dried Amazon strain mushroomLet’s first talk about the size on these bad boys because they are the largest out there. You can expect big and fleshy mush with a height over six inches, with some even hitting 12 inches. WILD. One of those bad boys could last you a lifetime of macrodosing as a 12 inch mushroom could weigh up to 30g. That’s 120 microbuses.
Some people who trip would like to take it easy. Just a little appetizer, no crazy visuals, just a bit of fun. But there are also people who are ready for the main course. In that case we strongly recommend the PES Amazonian strain, ideal if you are looking for that authentic psychedelic experience.

The PES Amazonian is the perfect strain for an intense visual trip with close friends or for a party (in a smaller dose).

5. Mazatapec Mushroom

The Mazatapec magic mushrooms still have the nature of Latin America in their genes so you can expect large flushes with brown caps. With the Mazatapec it’s important to be patient as the effects take a little longer to ease in. But once it hits, get ready to receive boatloads of wisdom! With this one you use magic mushrooms with a deep, deep history!

Psilocybe cubensis is one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms on the planet due to how they are regarded as some of the easiest shrooms. As such, you can easily find them in the wild and mushroom producers can easily grow and cultivate them as well.

They are also arguably the most widely distributed magic mushrooms on the planet. In fact, the Mazatapec mushroom is regarded as the best Psilocybe cubensis (we mentioned this one above) strain and is also one of the widely-known strains there is on the market.

What distinguishes this strain from a physical standpoint are their gold caps. Making them really beautiful medicine. They also have moderately high psilocybin content so they’re great for both beginners and experienced users. With these bad boys you can go on a classic psychedelic trip if you’re feeling frisky or go even higher and fly with the stars! Depends on the dose.


Within the magic mushroom world there is so much to experience. Brace yourself, use magic mushrooms, and jump in!


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