Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: Best Potency Guide

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First things, first… thank you all for being here. We are very much looking forward to being a part of this wonderful journey in your life. Magic mushrooms are an incredible medicine with magical powers. Hence the name! When microdosing magic mushrooms there are a few things you MUST take into account before you start.

We’ll be diving into each of these so please focus 🙂

  1. Tolerance
  2. Each person is different; it is very important to find what works for you
  3. Different doses
  4. What you should feel with X dose
  5. What you should not feel with X dose

Before we dive deep into the above points, let’s talk about the microdose regimen calendar that you MUST follow. In order to get consistent and optimized results. And remember, just like when you go to the doctor to get a prescription drug, microdosing magic mushrooms takes some time. They rarely work wonders overnight.

For example. if the doctor prescribes you an anti-depressive medication they will tell you to take it for 3-6 months (maybe even more)

When Mother Earth prescribes you magic mushroom medication, give it the same amount of respect and give it 3-6 months. Patience is key and the fruits of your labour will be highly rewarded.

What are magic mushrooms?

The term ‘magic mushrooms’ applies to any species of fungus that contains the active ingredient psilocybin or its derivative psilocin. These compounds bind with serotonin receptors in the brain to induce a psychedelic experience, commonly known as a ‘trip.’

However, their effects are all somewhat similar. Depending on the dosage, they can induce anything from feelings of mild euphoria to powerful hallucinations and spiritual experiences.

For this reason, humankind has used them for millennia as an important element of religious ceremonies and rituals. More recently, they have become popular as a recreational substance, and scientists are exploring their therapeutic potential.

The Fadiman Regimen to Microdose Mushrooms

Since the release of Fadiman’s book he has been collecting data from thousands of non-clinical *Self-Study Psychedelic Researchers* and has published a Phase I, informal report, “Microdose Research,” in The Psychedelic Press, V. 15, pp.53-59

Arising from this research, Fadiman has developed an early protocol for a 30-day microdose self-study:

KEY: Microdose once every 3 days.

Day 1: Administer Dose
Be alert and if desired, keep a journal as to how you are feeling throughout the day.

Day 2: No Dose
While psychoactive compounds are only active for a few hours, their effects tends to linger into the next day.

Day 3: No Dose
An *off* day, which is important in order to not build up a tolerance to the psilocybin.

Day 4: Start the cycle again.

To find more information on this system of microdosing, please visit our guide here.


It’s not possible to give an accurate dosing guide for dried magic mushrooms but it is for microdose pills because the targeted formulas are crafted specifically for consistent dosing and a controlled experience and for tackling specific ailments. For example, if your intention is to use magic mushrooms to tackle depression, there are formulas specific for that. If you are using shrooms to increase focus, then there is a completely independent formula for that.

Start low and take it slow. Experimentation is key here. Until you find the right groove.

New microdosing magic mushrooms users should start with a 50mg dose every 3rd day as per the regiment above.

Moderate microdosing magic mushroom users can intake 100-200mg every 3rd day as per the regiment above.

Experiences microdosing magic mushroom users can take 350-500mg every 3rd day as per the regiment above.


What a mushroom trip will be like is very particular to the individual. Targeted formulas are created with the active ingredients in magic mushrooms AND other medicinal plants and compounds to deliver specific benefits – helping you take control of your health & happiness naturally. Psilocybin is certainly not an escape from reality… but shrooms do often offer dramatically new perspectives on [life] that can help folks live more authentic and fulfilled lives moving forward.

  • Are you looking to feel the right amount of good?
  • Are you looking to fall asleep and stay asleep?
  • Are you wanting to relax your mind and body?
  • Are you wanting to ease cluster headaches?
  • Are you looking to arouse your creativity?
  • Are you looking to experience tranquility?
  • Are you looking to stimulate your mind, increase focus, and increase productivity?

Once you know what your intention is, then finding the right microdose capsule is easy. So take your time and really decide what your goal is.


If you are using magic mushrooms to fight cluster headaches, depression, anxiety, or addiction then what you should feel is alleviation of those ailments.

If you are using magic mushrooms to boost productivity, focus, and energy then you should definitely feel an enhancement of those areas in your life.

The perfect dose will product the perfect results.

If you don’t take enough then you won’t feel a thing. The feeling will be sub-perceptible. If you take TOO much then you’ll have a proper psychedelic trip leading to a spiritual awakening or something similar.


When microdosing you should NOT feel nausea or a sense of fatigue or heaviness in the limbs. You should not be hallucinating to the point of not being able to function doing normal day-to-day tasks. If you are feeling these things then your dose is way too high and you need to rewind and “start low and take it slow”.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to email us! We are here to help and guide.


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