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Psilocybe azurescens

This species of magic mushroom is known to be the most potent. Well, the most potent discovered to date. Meaning this strain of mush can bring way more intense visual hallucinations compared to other types of psilocybin.

These mushrooms are some of the most unique looking ones out there. The cap is 3-10cm in diameter. Compared to most of the cubensis and the Liberty Caps, these are HUGE. The colour is beautiful too as they can be an ochre-caramel colour.

And although this is the strongest psychedelic mushroom out there, it is the worst tasting one due to the higher psilocybin content.

To give you a better visual of how strong these are let’s refer and compare the average psilocybin amounts to the more common cubensis. The azurescens contains 1.78% psilocybin and the cubensis contains 0.63%. That is close to 3 times more which makes it 3 times stronger.

This variety of mush grow most commonly in areas with wood chips or sandy soils between September and January. Psilocybe azurescens has been cultivated in Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. They are actually quite rare because they thrive in cold and wet locations.

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Discovered by world renowned mycologist Paul Stamets in the mid-90s, it is known to be the most potent psilocybin mushroom in the world. Fun fact: it was named after his son.

Avg psilocybin: 1.78%
Avg psilocin: 0.38%
Avg baeocsytin: 0.35%
*%s reported by Stamets and Gartz 1995