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Let us take you on a beautiful Canadian journey through the wonderful world of fungi and how to pick shrooms suitable for your needs.

This spore created by nature and nothing but nature contains a psychedelic compound known as “psilocybin”

A compound with psychedelic effects that will alter your thoughts, emotions, and lead you on a path to heightened consciousness. Some users – whom swear by the healing powers of Shrooms – have described this feeling as the “pulse of eternal knowledge” where you sense the oneness between yourself and the world around you.

Do Shrooms have therapeutic potential? Are they dangerous?

In short: YES – they do have therapeutic potential. To the point where even Oregon (a state in the USA) is on the path to full legalization. There is now thousands if not 10s of thousands of first hand user testimonials across the world that swear by magic mushrooms and their medicinal effects.

If you have seen classic documentaries such as “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” or “Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines” or newer ones like “The Mind, Explained a Netflix Series” you know about all of the medical potential. If you have not seen them, watch one right now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Leave the foraging and picking of mushrooms to the hunters who are knowledgeable in shroom identification. Make sure you buy them from reputable sources that are full of knowledge and experience.

How do they taste?

When you eat the raw (but dry) variety it has an earthy flavour like pumpkin seeds known as Spitz. The texture is dry so you might need a beverage to help ya wash it down. If you’re taking shroom capsules then there is no flavour at all. If you take edibles then they’ll taste like the accompanying ingredients – for example, mushrooms covered in chocolate will taste like the chocolate. Those are delicious!

How Do You Take Shrooms?

The most common way to take mushrooms is they are dried out and you eat them as is – chew them thoroughly to release the most possible psilocybin, you can even let them sit under your tongue for 30-60 seconds to allow the capillary beds under your tongue to absorb it.

The second most common way to take mushrooms is via capsules. Then there are more creative ways like flavoured tinctures, baked goods, steeped in tea, and other edibles like candies, lollipops or even as a pizza topping.

Can You Get Addicted To Mushrooms?

Scientifically speaking, magic mushrooms are not addictive and you can choose to stop whenever you’d like. But here is a question for you: could you become addicted to something that elevates your spirit?