A Strain, A+ Cube

The A+ or A Strain is a moderately potent cubensis strain that shares genetics with the renown and more potent Albino A+.
Considered a classic magic mushroom choice amongst both cultivators and consumers, the A+ is a performative and versatile strain.

In the magic mushroom world, a rumour runs that  A+ might also have some Panaeolus in it, which could explain its tendency to offer a rapid come-up. Panaeoli are said to have a particular entourage effect, different than that of Psilocybes. Some suggest higher amounts of the psychoactive alkaloïd baeocystin may be the reason.

The A+ strain is an easy to fruit hybrid magic mushroom, it is generous in flushes, and consistent in potency.
Considered a reliable strain that quickly wins the hearts of those who get close to it, the A+ strain is a favourable choice for day to day microdosing to help improve with wellness and performance, especially with mood, energy, creativity or focus.

The A+ strain is one of these easy rides that go with the flow; give it a direction and a goal and it will help you get there; so, ready to get on the A train?


Visual Description

• Cap: bulbous when young, soon convex to broadly convex, flattening in age, frequently with an umbo. Coloration vary, margins paler, disk with darker umbo. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger in the center. • Stipe: slender, flexuous, slightly thicker at base. Bruising bluish when injured. Veil leaving a well-developed, persistent, white membrane ring. • Spore print: dark purplish.


MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75%


The effects of the A+ strain are in line with the classical psychedelic trip: euphoria, visual stimulation, and vibrational body sensation. While some consumers report a quick and intense come-up, others describe a smooth sailing experience. At strong doses, psychonauts say it is a straightforward ride into a world of fractals. Because it has a moderate to strong potency, it could make a good microdosing candidate, to add a bit of colours to your day, or a bit of focus and creativity to your work.

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