AA+, AAplus

A Plus Albino, as his name suggests, is the albino version of the well-known and appreciated tropical A+ cubensis strain.
Though because his spores print purple-black and because he has the tendency to develop bluish pigment, AA+ is genetically not a true albino; nonetheless, this psychedelic mushroom doesn’t cease to captivate and enthral both growers and consumers.
Like its ancestor, it has the reputation to fruit generously and produce flushes with a consistent high potency, most appreciated for effective microdosing.
Above all, it is agreed Albinos A+ conquers hearts with its impeccable package where beauty, performance and consistency meet.

Visual Description

• Cap: coloration is pale cream to white, often with bluish tones. Disk area is darker, margins are lighter. Cap sometimes has a distinct sharp umbo. • Stem: coloration similar to the cap. Flesh bluing intensely when damaged. Partial veil leaves a persistent membranous annulus that is soon purple with spores. Stem is relatively thick and sturdy. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed. Coloration is grayish when young becoming nearly black in maturity. • Spore print: Dark purple

Habitat Origin

It is a tropical and subtropical hybrid mushroom cultivated worldwide on rye grain, wheat straw, horse or cow manure.

Strain Effects

It is said to have similar effects as the A+ with a mix of euphoria, contemplative states, enhanced perception and wavering bodily sensations.

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