Albino Golden Teacher, AA+ Goldies, Leucistic Golden Teachers

Albino Goldies aka AA+ Goldies or Leucistic Golden Teachers, is a hybrid magic mushroom specie that was developed using genetics from the very potent Albino A+ and the smoother trippy Golden Teacher.

It is a Psilocybe Cubensis belonging to the Hymenogastraceae family of gilled mushrooms. From its parents it inherited the refined temper and the slightly depigmented golden looks. It is an elegant specimen with a longer than average slender stem strongly bruising blue when damaged. It has the reputation of being an easy grower and a generous fruiter. Cultivators often describe it as a captivating and fascinating specimen to watch grow.

With an intense yet balanced high, connecting both head and body in a powerful multi-sensorial voyage, it offers a mixture of ferocity and smoothness. Perhaps we can say that Albino Goldies have the raw intensity of the AA+ and the versatile and smooth wisdom of the Golden Teacher. Because this strain is known to provoke intense psychotronic effects it is recommended to be an experienced psychonaut to enjoy them.

Visual Description

• Cap: bulbous when young, soon convex to broadly convex, flattens in age. Surface is smooth. Coloration is pale cream to golden. Disk area is darker, margins are lighter. Cap has an umbo. Sometimes cracked effects or spots at disk area. • Stem: coloration similar to the cap. Partial veil sometimes leaves a membranous annulus. Stem is relatively thick and sturdy, often with bluish hues. Flesh bluing when damaged. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed.


HIGH > 0.75% - 2%

Habitat Origin

HYBRID, made in a lab, known to be cultivated in-vitro world wide.


Consumers report a quick come-up with a very physical and heady high. Feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, a twisted sense of time and space, visual alterations and some synaesthesia, lasting up to 4 to 5 hours. Often advised to consume with the right setting and mindset as their strong potency can also make one feel hostage.