Treasure Coast Albino, Albino Treasure Coast Cubensis

Albino Treasure Coast is a more potent and leucistic version of the Treasure Coast cubensis. Its ancestor, the Treasure Coast cubensis is a dung-loving psychoactive Psilocybe found growing naturally along the Gulf Coast of Florida, USA. Wild samples of the Treasure Coast cubensis have been domesticated for some time and occasionally shown an ability to spin-off albino.

Fortunately, the Albino Treasure Coast is not a true albino, meaning its spores aren’t transparent, which makes harvest much easier. This pigment mutation called “leucistic”, produces different shades of colors from off-white to cream. Another distinguishable trait is the ino Treasure Coast’s bulbous frosted caps, which consumers believe, contains the epicenter of its psilocybin super-powers.

Indeed, Albino Treasure Coast is said to be one of those unusually powerful cubensis strains.  A lot like the Australian Wollongong cubensis, it is as fierce as it is exquisite, and should be consumed with awareness and vigilance. Consumers of the Albino Treasure Coast describe an ardent psychedelic experience that left them glowing, focused and relaxed.

Growing-wise, even if this cubensis hybrid is not the easiest to propagate nor has the most impressive fruitbodies, its small stature counterbalances with large, dense clusters. Moreover, its slow growth will compensate you with psilocybin-packed frosted caps that will make it worth your while.

Like most very potent cubensis strains, Albino Treasure Coast can be a good match for those looking to microdose to improve focus, mood, creativity and relieve stress and physical pain.

The entire region of the Treasure Coast is sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean by a series of sandbars, lagoons, islands, rivers, and bays. Inland, lush pines and palmetto flatlands, sandy beaches, and shallow bodies of water.
This tropical haven is the enviable retreat of the Albino Treasure Coast’s ancestor, and in some way, it can also be yours.

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Visual Description

• Cap: 1-5 cm broad. Bulbous, frosted, leucistic, coloration varying from off-white to light caramel. • Gills: adnate to adnexed, coloration lighter at edges. • Stem: relatively short. Coloration yellowish to white. Flesh bruising bluish. • Spore print: dark blue to black


MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75% HIGH > 0.75% - 2% ** Please note, dosage with organic matter is always in relation to a series of complex variables **

Habitat Origin

Along the Treasure Coast of the Gulf of Florida, USA. Grows in dung, gregariously, in dense clusters.


Consumers of the Albino Treasure Coast describe an intense come-up with a powerful psychedelic experience that leaves one glowing, focused, and relaxed. Other effects come as euphoric, with a distorted sense of time and space, a sense of unity, inner peace and focus. Historical fact: The Treasure Coast inherits its name to the Spanish Treasure Fleet that sank a in 1715 hurricane. In 1961, salvagers started finding remnants of the Spanish treasures lost at sea more than 100 years ago. By 1966, the term Treasure Coast was well established. Treasure Coast is the region from Palm Beach County northward.

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