Alacabenzi cubensis

Alacabenzi is a sturdy Psilocybe cubensis that is said to have appeared in 2001 as the result from a genetic union between Psilocybe Mexicana and the Psilocybe cubensis from Alabama. From the former, it is said it may have inherited its strong yet smooth spiritual properties, and from the latter, its extraordinary stature. As it is related to the Psilocybe cubensis species which grow naturally in tropical to sub-tropical weathers, it enjoys the same habitat. Alacabenzi widely cultivated magic mushroom strain appreciated for its relatively easy growth and generous fruiting; it is often described as a “manageable” potency, perfect to enhance work performance or uplift one’s mood.

Alacabenzi is often described as a good-looking, fun-tripping strain and seems to a popular choice to satisfy beginner psychonauts that wish to dance from a distance with the intensity of a full-form psychedelic voyage.This powerful strain is said to be an easy grower that produces generous flushes with imposing and highly potent fruit bodies, making it an ultimate favourite for newbie growers and well as experienced psychonauts.

Visual Description

• Cap:1.5-8 cm broad. Conic-campanulate, frequently with a pronounced central bump (umbo) that remains as cap grows, flattens and darkens when mature. Margin is regular and sometimes lifts in age. Cap is fleshy and firm. Surface is smooth. Coloration is caramel brown, lighter in drying with darker umbo. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed. • Stem: 40-150mm long by 5-15mm wide. Firm, fleshy, slightly thicker at base. Color is whitish but may discolour on upper area. Bruising bluish when injured. • Spore print: Purplish brown

Habitat Origin

Hybrid Said to be a cubensis strains mix, crossing Psilocybe Mexicana and an Alabama cubensis, possibly a Golden Teacher.

Strain Effects

With a small dose, many describe the trip to be like when on cannabis edibles: body relaxing and cerebral sensations, with light euphoria. Described as uplifting, relaxing to energetic, cerebral to visual, spiritual to time and space bending. At higher doses (2 grams): synaesthesia, visuals of melting objects, also may affect body coordination especially balance. Come up 10 minutes to 1 hour, with yawning, duration of the trip is up to 6 hours. Said to be less strong than Penis Envy.

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