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The Amazon Strain, also called the Amazon cubensis magic mushroom, the PESA mushroom, the PESAstrain, or PESA cubensis, is a colossal-looking and extremely potent magic mushroom said to originate from the heart of the sacred Amazon Forest.

Its PESA cubensis epithet stands for “Pacific Exotica Spora Amazonia”, the Hawaiian based company said to first develop and bring the Amazonian mushrooms to the mainstream about 40 years ago.

Of an ancient Amazonian Psilocybe cubensis descent, it is also suspected to have Psilocybe Azurescens genetics, the latter being amongst the strongest magic mushrooms in the world.

What are the Amazon mushroom strain effects like? What makes the Amazon strain more special than those other exotic Psilocybe cubensis?

From the rich, humid grounds of the Amazonian rainforest, the Amazon Strain is that “greater than life” Amazon Psilocybe cubensis that symbolizes the wisdom of the old growth.

The Amazonian cubensis potency being particularly powerful, it is one recommended to ingest with patience and awareness, intention, and commitment.

In fact, Amazon mushroom strain reviews all describe a very strong and quick come-up with effects lasting from 6 to 8 hours. For sure, its exceptionally high potency makes it a popular choice amongst experienced psylonauts (psilocybin consumers).

One PESA mushroom strain user described “light anemones swimming in red lake waters, twirling blue skies, and fractal clouds”. Needless to say, it seems the Pes Amazonian mushrooms have all it takes to make your outdoor experience an ethereal one.

It is agreed the Amazonian Strain is one of the most visual magic mushrooms out there. If you are able to embrace what it desires to show you, you will not be disappointed, and you’ll either wish you see like that every day or wish for it to stop.

Whichever it is, its undeniable ability to shift both your inner and outer reality with even just a few nibbles, makes the Amazonian mushroom strain one advised to consume slowly and mindfully.

Growing abundantly in regions of Central and South America, psychoactive Psilocybes cubensis have been consumed in sacred ceremonies worldwide for thousands of years.

From a land known to be rich in naturally occurring psychedelics, the Amazon cubensis mushroom is regarded as sacred medicine, and a spiritual guide.

The Native tribes of the Amazon Forest consumed Amazonian cubensis mushrooms for their healing potential and transformative properties. To this day, this “divine” magic mushroom embodies the beatific devotion many have for psychedelic medicines. It is therefore not uncommon to find the Amazon cubensis magic mushroom being sold in various parts of the world.

Even though it is of an imposing stature, the Amazon cubensis magic mushroom is suspected to contain some genetics from the slim flying-saucer-shaped Psilocybe azurescens. The latter is a very potent magic mushroom growing naturally in Oregon, USA. It has the reputation of being a difficult strain to cultivate.

An issue that was fixed through the making of the Amazon Strain; by mixing the genetics of an Amazonian cubensis to that of a Psilocybe azurescens, myco-engineers insured to marry the resisting nature of one to the extreme potency of the other.
In that sense, PESA mushrooms embody a fruitful fusion; they are the perfect Amazon Psilocybe cubensis mutants.

Other magic mushrooms that contain Psilocybe azurescens genetics such as the hybrid Tidal Wave are comparable in potency to strains who inherited the Amazonian mushroom strain DNA; this is the case of the very popular and potent Penis Envy family.

This renown phallic-shaped lineage of magic mushrooms is amongst the favourite ones for microdosing. They are known to enhanced energy levels and mood. Because they foster a strong desire to move and help sharpen focus, they are often consumed for sports or for work performance.

In the magic mushroom world, it is no secret that hybrids are often extremely potent, a factor potentially relatable to the in-vitro bubble, which protects them from all types of damages, usually accountable to the outdoors.

The very high Amazonian cubensis potency is the result from that bubble; while the unique amazon mushroom strain effects are sought after’ for their unique cerebral and spiritual qualities, the fierce psychoactivity is one that seems to leave users with a clear-minded afterglow.

The Amazon mushroom strain reviews describe “pronounced body sensations, a cerebral-like buzzing, geometric hallucinations and a strong desire to move”.
Surely, the PESA shrooms can turn whatever surrounds oneself into a more colourful, more sensual, and more texturized ethereality.

Cultivation wise, the Amazon shroom strain is a resistant, fast-growing beast. It has a rhizomorphic mycelium that will take over substrate in a record time and large fruitbodies that flatten in age and sporulate heavily. These optimal conditions make for a generous yield.

Its sturdy, meaty stems and fruits bodies can grow to impressive sizes. Dried specimens are the most tempting to bite into; they have the ultimate magic mushroom shape to nibble on.

After years of laboratory manipulations, the densely psilocybin-packed Amazon Strain remains the symbol of the heart of the jungle. Like a door to the depth of the Forest, it will give you the keys to your inner forest should you choose to accept its guidance.

Universally appreciated, PESA shrooms symbolize the perfectly engineered Amazonian cubensis mushrooms.
They will charm you with their wild potency, their fierce ability to fight contamination, and impressive fruit-bodies that heavily sporulate. Their ease of growth and generous yielding make them perfect candidates for beginner growers.

With a deep, energetic, and powerful psychoactivity, the Amazonian mushroom strain is one of the most popular magic mushroom strains out there.
Today it is cultivated and consumed worldwide by devoted consumers who enjoy it for its spiritual guidance, and incomparable presence.





Visual Description

• Cap: 25-50+ mm, bulbous when young, expands and broadens, flattens with age with a pronounced umbo. Coloration dark reddish-brown, lighter on margin, darker at apex. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger around the center. • Stipe: 40-150 + mm, sturdy, meaty, mostly thicker at base. Color whitish. Veil often leaving a well-developed, persistent, white membrane ring. • Spore print: dark purple brown



Habitat Origin

Originating from the Amazonian rainforest, now grown in-vitro and cultivated world-wide.


Powerful strain offering pronounced body sensations, a cerebral-like buzzing, geometric hallucinations and a strong desire to move. Advised to consume little by little and be patient so you can follow the come-up and enjoy it. Recommended to experienced shroomers only.