Argentinian strain, Argentinian cubensis, Argentina magic mushroom

Argentina Strain also known as “cubensis Argentina” or the “Argentina magic mushroom” is an extremely potent psychedelic fungi originating from the spectacular rainforest mountains of Argentina.

The Argentina magic mushroom has the reputation of fostering a psilocybin experience as magical as the mountainous forest it comes from: dense and mystical, peacefully contemplative, with a sense of unity and connection to the surroundings.

This fierce Psilocybe cubensis Argentina is believed to be a natural hybrid descendant of Psilocybe collybioides.

The Argentina Strain was found in 1958 in the montane area of Tafí del Valle and is a psilocybin-producing specie from the section Zapotecorum.
This makes the Argentina Strain a sibling of other members of the Zapotecorum family such as  Psilocybe Thaizapoteca, Psilocybe zapotecorum, and Psilocybe caerulescens.

Like other Psilocybe cubensis strains, the Argentina cubensis genetics offer a good resistance to contamination, whether in the wild or cultivated invitro.
The Argentina strain effects, and potency are always well-reviewed. Users describe a spiritual, mystical feeling, a sense of unity and connection with surroundings, an inner peace, with vivid euphoria and visuals.

The climate in Tafí del Valle is mild and generally warm and temperate; with a comfortable wet season and a cold dry season, these opposite conditions have given a good fitness to Argentina mushrooms; we understand why in optimal controled indoor conditions, these shrooms have a tendency to bloom excessively.

Growers report that “Psilocybe argentina” can flush up to ten times when cultivated indoor

Highly neurotropic, the Argentinian mushrooms are known to be avid fruiters, with flushes yielding small but numerous fruit bodies. .

For all these reasons, we can say the Argentina mushroom strain is as dense, generous, and majestic as the grounds it grows in.
If you want to let the jungle in, this unique Argentina Psilocybe cubensis is the key.




Visual Description

• Cap: bulbous when young, soon broadly hemispheric, flattening with age. Coloration dark caramel, darker at disk, often with an umbo. Margin even and lighter in color. Flesh bruises blue upon injury. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed. • Stem: flexuous, equal, slightly thicker at base. Coloration • Spore print: purple-black.


MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75% HIGH > 0.75% - 2%

Habitat Origin

Argentina, mountain area, now cultivated indoor worldwide.


The effects and potency are well-reviewed. Said to offer a spiritual or mystical feeling, with a sense of unity and connection with surroundings. Reported to have grounding, peaceful relaxing effects on the body with a nice constant state of subtle euphoria.