Australian Strain

(P. Cubensis)

The Australian strain is a classic “golden top” cubensis with the ability to produce massive fruiting bodies (over 18″ tall). ​

Australian Strain Magic Mushroom

It produces a large convex golden to caramel-colored pileus (cap), sometimes speckled with white dots and sometimes with a dark ring near the cap’s margin. It has a thick, dense stipe (stem/stalk) that allows it to develop such tall fruiting bodies.


It’s a moderately quick coloniser and a moderately prolific fruiter, producing a few big mushrooms every now and then (when cultivated indoors).


It is said to have uplifting, happy/euphoric, and energetic impacts and a strong pulsing or humming feeling in the body. Mild visuals with a spiritual/mystical or conscientiousness-inducing influence.