B+ cubensis

The B+ Strain  is an elegantly large magic mushroom hybrid. It is said to be the result from a genetic union between the very potent Flying Saucer aka Psilocybe azurescens and the moderately potent Psilocybe cubensis.

The union of these two psychoactive strains had an intention. It was probably a way to weave the smooth mood of the P. cubensis genetics to the more aggressive and renown P. azurescens aka Flying Saucer. By doing so, the breeders help tone down the potency, and create a strain that has the potential to foster a silkier experience for the psychonaut.

With a higher-than-average potency, B+ is often described as a “versatile” strain, perfect for all occasions and situations.

Because it seems to foster a warm energy with gentle visual alterations, it is probably a good choice to help with mood, creativity and sociableness.
Some report it is a good candidate for microdosing in order to enhance both physical performance or focus.

Like other cubensis strains B+ is a relatively easy grower that produces generous flushes with imposing and highly potent fruit bodies, making it an ultimate favourite for newbie growers as well as for psychonauts. B+ is amongst the popular magic mushroom hybrid strains that are at the same time transformative, fun, and performative.

The type of magic mushroom you can give an intention to, and that will make sure to help you foster it.
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Visual Description

• Cap: Bulbous when young, expands and broadens with age. Surface is smooth, margin is regular, often cracks in age. Coloration often with a pronounced umbo that flattens and darkens in age. Coloration light brown, lighter on margin, darker at disk. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger around the center. • Stipe: sturdy, meaty, mostly thicker at base. Color whitish. Bruising bluish when injured. Veil often leaving a well-developed, persistent, white membrane ring.

B+ STRAIN Potency

Said to be moderate thus, between 0.25% to 0.75% psilocybin, yet the P. Azurescens in it might boost those levels.

Habitat Origin

Hybrid. Grows solitary or in group, with a preference for tropical and subtropical regions.

B+ STRAIN Effects

Often no nausea, euphoria, dreaminess, receptiveness, and creativity. Body relaxant, uplifting. One consumer described a wave of uplifting energy that helped relax the body and made her menstrual cramps disappear. Higher dose, visual hallucinations, time bending, synaesthesia. Believed to be a great option for microdosing, said to enhance creativity, focus, clarity, socialness and mood.

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