“BWM”, White Wizard, Great White Shark Psilocybe cubensis, "Shark of cubes"

The Big White Monster cubensis, also known as the White Wizard or the Great White Shark, is a leucistic cubensis mutant strain resulting from the breeding of the renown A+ strain to the very prolific fruiter Puerto Rican cubensis.
While the A+ is ironically best known for its popular albino descendant AA+, the Puerto Rican cubensis is appreciated for its extreme potency, aggressive colonizing, and rhizomorphic mycelium.

So why is BWMC considered an “albino” specie if neither of its parents are? It is said that its ashy white pigmentation came from an accidental exposure to quaternary reactive ammonium siloxane during the breeding process.
Reported to have rusty white leucitic spores, any mushroom that will grow from those spores will likely be lacking in pigment like an albino, though, most probably won’t be pure albinos.

With both parents being prolific fruiters, the Big White Monster is able to correct the usual albino spore default.  This leucistic mutant, compared to its albino relatives such as APE or AA+, doesn’t have problems opening its caps and will drop spores abundantly, resulting in a fruitful harvest. Albino Penis Envy Revert was actually a strain developed to correct that issue.
BWM has both the ash-grey and the golden hue of its parents. The caps are usually a silver/white/straw with whitish stems, and the flesh bruises readily blue.

BWM is a psilocybin-packed specie known as the “shark of cubes”. With no doubt, the Big White Monster is an extremely potent magic mushroom. For that reason, it is a good candidate for effective microdosing. Even thoughts name suggests otherwise, the Big White Monster can be great candidate at micro doses to enhance to wellness and performance: from mood to energy levels, or focus. At higher doses, expect a mind bending visual journey and an intense loss of space and time. Best to be handled in nature and with the right mindset.
Though BWM fruits prolifically and can produce monster sized mushrooms (hence the name), it can also be slow to grow and therefore, best for patient growers.

Since McKenna and Pollock’s original isolations that led to the creation of the one and only Penis Envy, many sub-strains have seen the light of day. It is undeniable that the ongoing manipulations of agile mycologist-engineers, the world of mushrooms is giving way to a new generation of odd-looking sub-strain hybrids; BWM is just another seed in the ocean of possibilities. Micro Zoomers is all about sharing as many strains with you as we can.

Visual Description

• Cap: bulbous, soon broadly conical, gradually expanding to broadly umbonate or plane. Coloration is whitish cream, or yellowish brown, lighter at margin, darker at disk with umbo. Whitish in drying. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded. • Stem: Equal, slightly thicker at base, thinner near cap joint. Color is yellowish brown, often whiter at base darker above. Flesh bruising bluish. Surface is smooth, dry and may be striated on the upper area. No persistent annulus but a distinguishable annular zone.


HIGH > 0.75% - 2% EXTREMELY HIGH > 2%

Habitat Origin

Hybrid: a breeding between A+ and Puerto Rican Psilocybe cubensis


Consumers report a balanced experience which probably means equally brainy, bodily, and visual. Said to be ideal for microdosing to enhance focus and energy levels, or help with focus, sociability or creativity.