Burmese Yangon, Burma Psilocybe cubensis

The Burmese Psilocybe cubensis also called Burma cubensis or Burmese Yangon is a very potent Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom indigenous to the Southeast Asian country of Burma. Located between Thailand and Bangladesh, Burma is also named Myanmar.
With a tropical monsoon climate rhythmed by intense rainfall from May to October, this Asian cubensis thrives in the wild. Like many of his tropical relatives such as Panaeolus Cambodginiensis, the Allen strain, the Blue Meanie or Panaeolus subbalteus, the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis is a dung-loving specie.
In a country rich in jade, gems, oil, natural gas, and mineral resources, the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom can undeniably be added to the list of valuables.

The original specimen was said to be found growing in water buffalo dung near the city of Rangoon. Also called Yangon, Rangoon is the largest city of Myanmar and is in the region of lower Burma, located at the convergence of the Bago and Yangon rivers. This area has a rich intertidal flat ecosystem, rich in nutrients and ideal for spore spreading (through birds, animals, algae, etc…)

Rumours say that the original specimen of the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom was brought to John Allen by one of his students in Burma and that the first flush cultivated is the one from which the species proliferated worldwide. Humans have always been passionate to help spread magic mushrooms, and the Leucistic Burmese cubensis is yet another example of a breed assuring the descendance of the Burmese strain.

Today, the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis is a sought after magic mushroom for its high potency along its aggressive growing skills. It fruits into various sizes on a typically sturdy stem into caps with different shades of brown.
The Burmese Psilocybe cubensis gills drop spores abundantly and this strain has a mycelium that is a ferocious spreader, making it a great strain for a prolific production and rewarding spore prints.

Consumers report the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom offers a multi-layered experience with effects of intense euphoria, pigmented visuals, smooth body highs, and light cerebral buzzes. Overall, it is agreed the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis is a good candidate for micro-dosing to enhance mood, focus, creativity or energy levels.

Literature says that during the Bronze age (circa 1400 BCE), the Burmese people were amongst the first to turn copper into bronze, grow rice, and domesticate poultry and pigs. Myanmar aka Burma was also where the first evidence of Homo sapiens was found, with discoveries of stone tools dating 25,000 BP.
Along with proof of presence of sapiens in the region, the prolific presence in the wild of the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis can’t help but remind us of McKenna’s epic Stoned Ape theory. His hypothesis proposed that psilocybin and other natural mind-altering substances helped develop the primitive brain.

If magic mushroom were the “evolutionary catalyst” from which all human culture sprang, we can only hope the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis’ s enlightening powers can help free the Burmese people from the very unvisionary military dictatorship in power now. Mushroom power!

Visual Description

• Cap: small to fairly large, conic-convex at first, expands to broadly convex and nearly plane with maturity. Surface is smooth, viscid when moist, often cracking with irregular fissures when drying. Coloration is chocolate brown when young, quickly fading to yellowish brown in maturity, often with olive greenish gray hues along the cap margin. Flesh quickly bruises bluish when injured. • Gills: attachment is ascending, uncinate. Coloration is pallid on edges, darker at center. • Stem: Centrally and strongly attached to cap and gills. Even, thicker at the base. Bruises blue when injured. • Spore print: blackish brown


HIGH > 0.75% - 2%

Habitat Origin

Scattered or gregarious, on animal dung, mostly of water buffalo. Thought to be widespread throughout the Southeastern Asia.


Consumers report the Burmese Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom offers a multi-layered experience with effects of intense euphoria, pigmented visuals, smooth body highs, and light cerebral buzzes. It is a high potency strain so to consume with parsimony and care.