"Daddy Long Legs Cubensis"

Daddy Long Legs strain is a Psilocybe cubensis  magic mushroom strain growing naturally in the beautiful Fraser Valley region of Vancouver, British Columbia. Its thin, long stems give it a svelte appearance resembling the spider of the same name.
Because it is said to offer a smooth balanced trip filled with euphoria, spiritual guidance, and a feeling of unity, many believe it to be a descendant of the very appreciated wisdom-provider Golden Teacher.

Like the insect it inherits the name from, the Daddy Long Leg magic mushroom is elegant, agile, and discrete: a perfect master key when it comes to boosting mood, energy levels, and enhancing sociability. Side effects may also include upgraded creativity and focus.

Even if its history of usage and cultivation can only be traced back to the 1990s, Daddy Long Legs is surely here to stay. It may be named after the spirited arthropod, it is first and before most a cubensis: resistant, resilient, charming, and very loved.

Visual Description

•Cap: typically small, convex or flat. Conic-campanulate, frequently with a pronounced central bump (umbo) that remains as cap grows, flattens and darkens when mature. Colorations vary from reddish cinnamon brown, becoming lighter with age to golden brown when mature. Margins are paler. Hydrophanous nature, coloration changes throughout growth accordingly to the humidity levels. Surface viscid, flesh bruising bluish. •Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger in the center around the stem. •Stipe: typically long and thin. Mostly thicker towards the base. Color is whitish but may discolor yellowish, whitish in drying.


MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75%

Habitat Origin

Grows naturally in the Fraser Valley region of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.


With Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms, consumers report a very classical and well-balanced experience, with plenty of euphoric giggles, the right dose of spiritual twist, and a zesty body high. Because it has the reputation of having a very euphoric nature, Daddy Long Legs is a great candidate for laughs with friends. Depending on the person and dosage it may provide a body high as well.

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