"Golden Tops", "Gold Caps"

The Golden Teacher aka Golden Tops or Gold Caps is a magic mushroom strain that, as its name suggests, is notorious for teaching life-changing lessons to those who ingest it. The Mixe (Mijes), a tribal group from Mexico who always consume their mushrooms in pairs, respectfully referred to them as “our masters, the mushrooms of the world”, or “the mushroom of reason”. Needless to say, Golden Teacher is one of those mind-altering wisdom providers. 
Considered as a rather mild potency variety, this beloved magic mushroom strain nonetheless carries the reputation to have a profound impact on its consumers, making him a great choice for beginner psychonauts in search of a “spiritual classic”.
Because Golden Teacher fosters an open mindedness and gently modulates our perception, some believe it to be a great candidate for daily microdosing as it it said to help increase creativity, focus and improve the overall mood. If you were to look for slightly stronger effects,  B+ and A+ are two hybrid cubensis strains that share a similar “vibe” to the Teacher.
This vibrant golden capped psychoactive mushroom is an easy-going grower that is widely cultivated for its generous yields and great flushes. Its broad fleshy caps make it ideal for spore printing. It grows gregariously and can be surprisingly large in size.
Some rumors say the first specimen of Golden Teachers originated from Florida in the mid-eighties. Other rumors believe it is actually a Hawaiian PES that a Dutch grower renamed because of the vibrant yellowish golden hue the cap has just before opening. Whichever story is the right, Golden Teacher is an elegant Psilocybe cubensis, and it is undeniably amongst the favourite neurotropic strains for both growers and psychonauts making it, in some way, the “rockstar” of magic mushrooms.

Visual Description

• Cap: can get quite large, up to 5 inches or more. Shape is bulbous when young, convex to flat in age. Conic-campanulate, frequently with a pronounced central bump (umbo) that remains as cap grows, flattens and darkens when mature. Coloration vary from reddish cinnamon brown, becoming lighter with age to golden brown when mature. Margins are paler. Hydrophanous nature, coloration changes throughout growth accordingly to the humidity levels. Surface viscid, flesh bruising bluish. • Gills: attachment adnate to adnexed, close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger in the center around the stem. Coloration pale gray in young age, becoming deep purplish gray to nearly black in maturity, often mottled. • Stipe: Sturdy, fleshy, relatively thick, mostly thicker towards the base. Color is whitish but may discolor yellowish. Bruising bluish when injured. Surface is smooth, dry and may be striated on the upper area. Veil leaving a well-developed, persistent, white membrane ring. • Taste and odor: It is said to have a smell and taste similar to fresh ground flour. The term used to describe it is farinaceous.


MILD < 0.25% MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75%

Habitat Origin

Growing naturally worldwide, the initial specimen of Golden Teacher was named Psilocybe cubensis in honour of the country it was initially found in : Cuba. Golden Teacher today is cultivated worldwide. Golden Teacher is, like many cubensis, a dung-loving species; they also grow well on substrates such as straw, whole grains and coconut coir.


Said to be a great micro-dosing choice for high focus creativity and problem-solving. Low dose: comfortable and sensual, tingling, slight visual distortion, enhanced senses. At higher doses such as 3 to 5 grams, known to be a powerful spiritual voyage, metaphysical nature, time dilation Their uplifting nature is said to help with depression and anxiety. Social connection.