Melmac Homestead, Melmac cubensis, Homestead Penis Envy

The Melmac Penis Envy, also referred to as Homestead Penis Envy is an extremely potent mutation of the Penis Envy strain. The Melmac PE was supposably developed by a now defunct spore lab located in the Pacific Northwest called Homestead. Rumors also have it that Melmac PE is the original Penis Envy strain found growing in the Amazonian forest by legendary entheogenic botanist/mycologist Terence McKenna.

Even if the Melmac PE and the Penis Envy are related, many say they are easily differentiable. The Melmac PE magic mushroom has an overall more distorted shape with a twisted alien-looking stem and wavy-edged caps. This could explain its epithet “Melmac”, which was the fictional home planet of an alien featured in the 1980s sitcom “A.L.F”. The alien’s planet, named Melmac after the popular melamine-based dinnerware from the fifties, had been destroyed and he had to stay on Earth under the care of an American suburban family. The alien had trouble adapting the day-to-day human life and did his best to fit in.

Accordingly, users report the Melmac PE to be an “out of this world” strain. In deed, this meaty alien cubensis is an extremely intense magic mushroom. Users go as far as describing the experience as “spooky”. To avoid misfits,  it is advised to consume the Melmac PE in the right setting and mindset as its strong potency can also make one feel hostage… a bit like the Melmac alien stuck on earth forever…

Without doubt, the Melmac PE fosters an intense mystical experience and is therefore recommended for experienced users only. It is nonetheless a very well-balanced strain with a powerful and constant high that will, if you guide it, show you the way to your own planet. Like many extremely potent strains, the Melmac PE is a good candidate for effective microdosing, in order to help enhance mood, focus or creativity.

The Melmac PE is like the homeless alien of the eighties sitcom: improbable and unbreakable. If you’re curious to know what strains we recommend for newbie-psychonauts, have a look at our list of best magic mushrooms for beginners.


Visual Description

• Cap: Bulbous when young, soon broadly conical, slow to open, gradually expanding to convex, broadly umbonate or plane. Surface is smooth, margin edges are wavy. Coloration light to dark golden caramel. Flesh stains blue to blue-green. • Gills: adnate to adnexed. • Stem: Dense, at time wrinkly. Often presents a bulbous annular zone, making stem thicker in upper area. Flesh bruises blue or blue green when bruised. Coloration is white to yellowish. Shape can be distorted. • Spore print: dark purplish brown • Microscopic features: 11-17×7-12 microns


EXTREMELY HIGH > 2% Remember each mushroom is as unique as each one of us, therefore potency is rarely accurate and also related to a variety of personal factors.

Habitat Origin

Engineered, cultivated worldwide. According to the stories told, the strain is related to the Amazonian rainforest of Columbia.


Come up 30 mnts Closed eye visual said to be intense Body and soul separation Ego death Time said to be non-existent and non-linear Said to last long (up to 6 hours), with a powerful after-glow.