Penis Envy Uncut is a varietal magic mushroom hybrid of Penis Envy and PF Albino strains. Like other Penis Envy isolations, Penis Envy Uncut has underdeveloped caps, and thick dense stipes.
Despite its albino heritage, it doesn’t solely produce white mushrooms and its spores aren’t transparent. It is called “uncut” in reference to its foreskin-like membranous annulus that is lacking in the original PE. Its caps don’t open, even late in maturity, making the drop and harvesting of spores challenging.
Nonetheless, Penis Envy Uncut is a captivating strain of magic mushrooms. Very popular amongst patient cultivators, Penis Envy Uncut is said to thrive in subtropical conditions and to be resistant to contamination, making the wait worth the while.

Penis Envy Uncut is an extremely potent Psilocybe Cubensis hybrid and is recommended to experienced psychonauts only.
Since McKenna and Pollock’s original isolations, Penis Envy has conceived many other popular sub-strains such as Albinos Penis Envy Revert, Texas Penis Envy, and Trans Envy.
It is undeniable that through the agile manipulations of avid mycologist-engineers, the world of mushrooms is giving way to a new generation of odd-looking sub-strain hybrids, P.E.Uncut is just a drop in the ocean of possibilities.

Visual Description

• Cap: 30-65 mm broad. Bulbous when young, then campanulate with curved margin. Unsually shaped, undeveloped, never expands even at maturity Darker at disk, lighter at margin. Coloration golden grey or greyish brownish white with sometimes a blue hue. • Stem: 150-276 mm long. Thick, bulbous, solid in cross-section, bluing intensely where damaged. Coloration buff to white. Persitant membranous annulus. • Gills: Adnate, close to crowded. • Spores print: Few, dark purplish brown.


> 2% psilocybin. EXTREMELY HIGH

Habitat Origin



Often considered the strongest of the PE derivatives. Known to provoke intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, immense joy, twisted notion of time and space, synaesthesia, lasting up to 4 hours. Some users reported a body high that came in waves, out of body experiences, feeling of connectiveness with the universe, an englobing stress-free state, releasing all tension.