Texas yellow Cap Psilocybe cubensis

The Texas Yellow Cap is a descendant of the naturally occurring Texan Psilocybe cubensis through its direct parent is the Texas Orange Caps. This “vibie” golden capped Texan magic mushroom is reputed to have a mild potency and is therefore one of these ideal strains for beginners in search of a smooth experience. For a day to day enhancement of mood and creativity, one could also microdose the Texas Orange Caps. You can check our strains and their benefits in the sections performance and wellness.

Psilocybe cubensis, from which the Texas Orange Cap inherits its genetics, is the most widespread, resistant, and prolific species of magic mushroom growing naturally worldwide; it it also the most genetically modified, spread-out, shared, consumed, and cultivated.

Being a vigorous tropical and sub-tropical specie, growing naturally in a variety of habitats, cubensis specimens generally inherits the name of the region or people they are related to – Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe aztecorum, Psilocybe tampanensis, the Amazon strain, the Brazil strain, the Ecuador Strain, etc…

Cubensis hybrids are like the chameleon of mushrooms – they end up having a variety of morphologies that also translate into a colourful array of names; for example, the very trippy Texas Penis Envy, the elegant Daddy Long Legs Strain, the mind-bending White Jedi Mind Fuck, or the Albino Penis Envy are a vibrant fraction of the myco-engineering possibilities out there.

The Texas Yellow Cap, as traditional looking as it is, is also a genetically modified Psilocybe cubensis. Said to have been developed by an amateur mycologist back in 1998. Its appearance, the “vibe” of its psycho-activity, and its effects, make it comparable to the notorious Golden Teacher.

For this reason, the Texas Yellow Cap will often be referred to as one of those perfect choices for beginner psychonauts, in search of a warm, light buzz, and a smooth heart-felt presence.

Visual Description

• Cap: 1.5-8 cm broad, convex or flat. Conic-campanulate, frequently with a pronounced central bump (umbo) that remains as cap grows, flattens and darkens when mature. Coloration golden yellow, light brown, becoming lighter with age to golden-straw in drying. Margins are pale yellow or white. P. Cubensis have a hydrophanous nature, their coloration changes throughout their growth accordingly to the humidity levels. Surface viscid, flesh bruising bluish. • Gills: close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger in the center, around the stem. Adnate to adnexed. • Stipe: 40-150mm long by 5-15mm wide. Mostly thicker towards the base. Color is whitish but may discolor yellowish. Bruising bluish when injured. Surface is smooth, dry and may be striated on the upper area. • Spore print: dark purplish brown.


MILD < 0.25%

Habitat Origin

Hybrid. Descendant of the naturally occurring Texas Psilocybe cubensis through its parent the Texas orange Cap strain.


Consumer often report a smooth experience with very manageable effects.