Z strain cubensis, Zs, Z cubes

The Z strain is a cubensis that is said to have been developed borrowing Golden Teacher genetics. Its moderate to high potency is appreciated for its grounding energetic boost and englobing bodily sensations. It is said to bring clarity through focus and creativity, while generally uplifting the mood. Z cube is often regarded as a good candidate for new consumers as it is said to offer a smooth “manageable” kind of high.
The Z strain cubensis produces dense and consistently highly potent flushes, that grow fast and relatively easily. The generously meaty fruitbodies of this exceptional magic mushroom make him an ultimate favorite for growers and shroomers.

Habitat Origin

Hybrid, popular, cultivated in-vitro worldwide.

Strain Effects

At small doses, uplifting, cerebral buzzing, slight visual alterations, creative impulses, At higher dosage: intense emotional shifts , energetic boost and tingling bodily sensations, feeling of connectedness, enlightenment, powerful visual hallucinations. Said to be a long and intense trip (up to 8 hours) Recommended to beginners.

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