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When it comes to magic mushrooms and psilocybin, there are now a plethora of proven microdosing benefits. Here we’ll be compiling a series of posts to help highlight these benefits. Some you may have heard of, some might be brand new!

Institutes like Esalen, John Hopkins University, Cybin, and the Toronto Centre for Psychedelics have spent million of dollars and hundreds of hours running controlled experiments and yielding VERY positive results.

Our goal with these is to open your eyes to the world of possibility brought forth by psychedelics and specifically shrooms. There is now a plethora of research papers linking microdosing to elevated mood, focus, and even weight loss. Just to name a few.

Golden Teacher Shrooms: Research on Creativity, Daydreaming, and Dreaming

Golden Teacher Shrooms

Humans have employed an incredible variety of plant-derived substances over the millennia in order to alter consciousness and perception. From LSD to cannabis to alcohol to magic mushrooms. With the Golden Teacher shrooms being some of the most popular in the world. So before we dive into the Golden Teacher, let’s first review a brief […]