Why Use Psychedelics Online Canada?

Ever wonder what’s happening inside your head? From dreaming to anxiety disorders and seasonal depression to frequent negative thoughts? Ever wonder where to get psychedelics online Canada?

The brain is a complex organ, like a maze of blood vessels, nerves, including neurons, and glial cells. Professional researchers are only just starting to scratch the surface of this complex organism and the mighty power that it contains.

But most recently researchers and humans all over the world are asking: “what happens to a brain on psychedelics?” In this post we’ll explore the history and effects of mind-altering substances… specifically focused on the art of microdosing.

We’ll start with the talking about the work of Albert Hoffman, a very prominent Swiss chemist, who discovered LSD and isolated psilocybin from a Psilocybe mexicana specimen.

Albert Hoffman suggested that low doses of LSD might be an appropriate alternative to Ritalin. Following this possibility, a massive and organized exploration of the effects of “microdosing,” comprising hundreds of lengthy descriptive reports, was undertaken. LSD is actually the most studied psychedelic out there with thousands of clinical researches undertaken.

Based on these reports, using a psychedelic in the microdose range (10 micrograms – no more and no less) every 3 days was determined to be safe across a wide variety of individuals and conditions. Over 18 months, more than a thousand unique participants from 59 countries did a daily evaluation of negative and positive emotional state using the PANAS checklist plus written reports.

FYI, the PANAS checklist stands for “The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule” and it is a self-report questionnaire that consists of two 10 item scales to measure both positive and negative emotions/affects.

Positive affects: attentive, active, alert, excited, enthusiastic, determined, inspired, proud, interested, strong

Negative affects: hostile, irritable, ashamed, guilty, distressed, upset, scared, afraid, jittery, nervous, paranoid.

People’s reports suggested that spaced but repeated microdoses were followed by improvements in negative moods, especially with depression or anxiety, as it can increase positive moods. Massive discovery and one of the main proponents to accurately being able to answer “why use psychedelics online Canada?” – the short answer is “YES”. But, it is 100% up to you to feel the need to experiment with this natural wonder.

To continue with the PANAS results… the positive reports included observations of increased energy, improved work effectiveness, and improved health habits were observed. Smaller samples described alleviation of symptoms in migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndromes, traumatic brain injury, shingles, and other conditions not previously associated with psychedelic use.

How to Get Started with Psychedelics

The answer is simple: explore and experiment with products from a trusted website, keep a journal on the above PANAS checklist, write down other observations you notice, and then make decisions on those results. It is safe and as you can see based on Albert Hoffman’s work and documentaries like Netflix’s “The Mind Explained”, psychedelics work.


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