Lizard King Strain

The Lizard King cubensis is a Psilocybe cubensis originating from the arid Northern Mexico where it was found growing on an unusual substrate for a cubensis – a mixture of wood and horse dung.

Rumors say this Mexican cubensis is linked to a man who has found several Mexicanaespecies in the region and names himself Lizard King. It is almost inevitable to associate the strain to the shamanic-influenced American rock star Jim Morrison, who considered the lizard as his nagual or spirit animal.

Surely, all the mystery around the Lizard King cubensis strain make us wonder it is yet another relative of the sacred neighbouring strains such as P. aztecorum or P. mexicana.

As desolate and devoid of life we may think deserts are, they have hidden micro-climates and we know mushrooms are survivalist aliens, so it is no surprise that they will burst from the sand.

Today, the Lizard King cubensis is cultivated indoor and said to be a fast grower and generous fruiter. Its moderate potency is reputed to make it a smooth choice for outdoor adventures and contemplative journeys.

Whether it carries the rebellious spirit of Jim Morrison’s or the cold-blooded temper of the desert creature, the Lizard King cubensis strain surely vibes with New Mexico’s peaceful landscapes, minimal nature, and endless horizons. We can only suspect it to gift us the fantastic wisdom of inner explorations, where it is not where we are going that matters, but how we get there.

Visual Description

• Cap: 1.5-8 cm broad, convex or flat. Conic-campanulate, frequently with a pronounced central bump (umbo) that remains as cap grows, flattens and darkens when mature. Coloration vary from reddish cinnamon brown, becoming lighter with age to golden brown when mature. Margins are pale yellow or white. P. Cubensis have a hydrophanous nature, their coloration changes throughout their growth accordingly to the humidity levels. Surface viscid, flesh bruising bluish. • Gills: close, crowded, thinner on the sides and larger in the center, around the stem. Adnate to adnexed, coloration pale gray in young age, becoming deep purplish gray to nearly black in maturity, often mottled. • Stipe:40-150mm long by 5-15mm wide. Mostly thicker towards the base. Color is whitish but may discolor yellowish. Bruising bluish when injured. Surface is smooth, dry and may be striated on the upper area. Veil leaving a well-developed, persistent, white membrane ring. • Spore print: dark purplish brown.

Potency Description

MODERATE 0.25% - 0.75%

Habitat Origin

Found growing solitary or in group, on a mixture of wood and horse dung in Northern Mexico. Cultivated worldwide.

Strain Effects

Reports suggest that the Lizard King cubensis strain provides an euphoric state of mind which is dreamy and relaxing. Many say it is the perfect strain to wander on outdoor adventures as it has a nice visual twist to it. In some Mesoamerican traditions, a “nagual”, also spelled “nahual” is a believed to be personal animal guardian spirit. The word derives from the Nahuatl word “nahualli” “disguise”. Yet another symbolic way to show our instinctive desire to embody the mysterious strength of nature.