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To bring the information of world of mushrooms right to your door. We are taking strain exploration to a whole new level. Our team is made up of fungi-enthusiasts who have spent 50+ combined years traveling the world exploring and reviewing the highest quality psilocybin mushrooms and products.

If you’re looking for information related magic mushrooms strains online, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of the strains that we review comes from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Africa, and more. We’re constantly on the hunt for new strains to add to our database of information. The goal is to keep things exciting for you!

Magic mushrooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and potency. From your common Psilocybe cubensis to your super potent Azzie or gorgeous Golden Teacher – we carry an array of organic fungi ready to be consumed. Our expert strain reviewers work under top notch facilities located in British Columbia, Canada.

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Zoomers Magic Mushrooms Reviews

Our magic mushroom strain reviews depends on what you prefer and are comfortable with so that when you use magic mushrooms, you are happy!

If you are looking for psilocybin information we have something to suit everyone’s needs. 

But first we’d like to ask you 1 simple question… these questions are meant to guide your exploration and scientific inquest of magic mushrooms: What are your goals with magic mushrooms?

If you are looking for recreational use we highly recommend sticking to dried mushrooms and chocolates.

If you are looking to mushroom microdose we highly recommend going with precisely dosed pills and some chocolates are good too. Just as long as the dosing is correct.

Microdose Mushrooms – precise dose pills and customized 30 day regimens.

While the modern history of psychedelics goes all the way back to the 1950s, interest in microdosing shrooms saw a major revitalization with the publishing of Dr. James Fadiman’s The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys in 2011.

Later, John Hopkins University launched an experimental program to explore the health benefits and magic of psilocybin Canada.

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Our Goal at MicroZoomers

MicroZoomers is the leading online Encyclopedia of high quality magic mushrooms, microdose psilocybin pills, psychedelic mushroom strains, psilocybin extracts, and soon there will be more strain types as we are constantly reviewing the third party growers to innovate! Psilocybin vape pens reviews will be coming soon!

Our goal is to stand for something more than a product that bears a name. We proudly support the microdose movement and all of the independent producers in British Columbia who for generations have been trailblazing, believing, and perfecting the art of growing shrooms and creating innovative microdosing products.

And of course, we too are all 100% believers in the magical health powers. You don’t get into a grey area industry without believing in it 100%.

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Psychedelic Strain Reviews

If you’re looking for magic mushrooms reviews online in Canada we offer new strain reviews every week. From exotic mushroom strains to innovative and highly controlled micro-dosing capsules.

MicroZoomers is the leading online guide of high quality magic mushrooms, micro-dose mushroom capsules, mushroom edibles, mushroom tinctures, and more.

All the Azurescens, Semilanceata, Cubensis and Cyanesens Strains that we review are represented by independent third party growers to ensure your experience is never jeopardized and thus the reviews and information stays consistent every time.