Red Caps, Acadian Strain, Acadian Coast Psilocybe

Acadian Coast Cubensis is believed to affiliated with a relatively rare Psilocybe cubensis that is growing naturally on the Acadian east coast of North America from Newfoundland to southern Louisiana.
The Acadian Coast is used by historians to refer to the section of Louisiana, along the Mississippi river, that was settled by exiled Acadians in 1764.
The Acadian Coast Psilocybe is a psychedelic mushroom from the hymenogastraceae family, it has a distinctive vibrant orangish red cap and its stature resembles its P. cubensis parent. It is known to be an aggressive colonizer and a generous fruiter with an extremely rhizomorphic mycelium.

Like other psychoactive mushrooms of its genus, the Acadian Coast strain is believed to be a smooth operator nurturing enhanced senses upon consumption.

Visual Description

• Cap: conical, soon broadening, becoming almost plane in age. Coloration is orangish brown to reddish brown, usually darker at apex disk area and lighter at margin. Often with a pronounced umbo. • Gills: adnate to adnexed, • Stem:moderately thick, whitish coloration. With a distinct ring.

Potency Description

Moderate: 0.25%- 0.75%

Habitat Origin

Acadian east coast of North America, from Newfoundland to southern Louisiana.

Strain Effects

Said to offer bodily vibration, increased perception, and visual stimulation.

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