A Guide: Magic Mushrooms for Focus

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sit down, start a task, and stay present and focused on it for a long duration of time? Is it possible to actually start and finish a task in one sitting? Unfortunately, anxiety, distraction, and a lack of concentration plague our ability to be focused and act creatively. In a complex, ever-changing world, our minds have become spastic, fragmented and discombobulated in a way that makes even the simplest of tasks, difficult to complete. Is using magic mushrooms for focus real? Can microdosing psilocybin help the mind’s steadiness? Let’s try to stay focused and find out why.

Studies on Magic Mushrooms for Focus

A recent study published in the Harm Reduction Journal led by Thomas Anderson of the University of Toronto, evaluated 278 subjects, mostly from Reddit and other online forums. The respondents answered specific, “microdosing benefits and challenges” questions relating to their regimen, subjective benefits, and challenges of microdosing both LSD and psilocybin (derived from magic mushrooms). Results used a grounded theory approach based on prompts to provide 3 benefits and 3 challenges with microdosing. The results were independently coded using the principles of classic grounded theory. Promising conclusions included, “The most frequently reported codes were improved mood (12.8%), improved focus (10%), creativity (9.4%), and improved energy (7.6%)”, while reported challenges included, “illegality (10.8%), dose accuracy (9.1%), poor focus (8.8%), and anxiety (5.3%)”.

While considerable areas of study are being formulated around improved mood and the potential benefits of microdosing as a mood enhancer and alternative to SSRi’s, less is being studied about the effects on focus, clarity, concentration, cognitive stamina, and attention.

As noted in our Introduction To Microdosing Guide, Silicone Valley coders have been utilizing the benefits of microdosing for focus and creativity for the last decade with subjectively resounding results:
Longtime psychedelics researcher, Dr. James Fadiman’s 2011 book, ‘The Psychedelic Explorers Guide’, introduced a new generation to the potential efficacy of psychedelic therapeutics; igniting a far-reaching discourse around the benefits of microdosing. This was, now quite famously, picked up on early by coders in Silicone Valley who experimented with microdosing as a way to focus and heighten their creativity while they wrote code and solved creative problems.

This provided a respected and contemporary face to a new trend which the mainstream media has since amplified. Chatter across the internet turned into a din as those self-testing with microdosing regimens relayed their individual strategies, recipes, and experiences.

If improved focus is something that you would like to get out of a microdosing regimen, AKA using magic mushrooms for focus, it’s important to try to be very specific with your dosage and analysis of your behavior. You’ll notice from the above referenced study by Dr. Anderson that subjects reported both ‘improved focus’ (10%) and ‘poor focus’ (8.8%) within the same study. This specifically ties in to the desired results from microdosing compared to the dosage.

A little too much psilocybin and you may find that you actually lose focus and find it more difficult to stay on task for longer durations, while too little may not exhibit the desired results you are looking for. (See our guide to dosages to learn more). To increase the benefits from your regimen, try to set yourself goals, be as exacting as possible in your dosage calculations, and be methodical in your analyzation of your behavior.

You can have a look at our list of a few magic mushroom types and potencies. That should help you decide which species you want to explore with. Rumors have it that very potent strains such as Penis Envy may be really great for energy boosters, while species derived from the warm and soothing Golden Teacher, like the B+ can offer a great alternative for focus and creativity. Have a look at our 70+ strains if you’re curious to find your right fit.

Concluding thoughts on using Shrooms to increase Focus

With the right regimen you should be well on your way to reaping the benefits of your desired goals using magic mushrooms for focus.


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