PE - "Penis Envy cubensis"

Penis Envy Strain is a unique phallic shaped mutant magic mushroom said to originate in the 70s, from the healthy grounds of the Amazonian rainforest, where legendary entheogenic botanist/mycologist Terence McKenna came across a gargantuan patch of beastly looking fungi. The mushrooms bruised bluish, a sign of psilocybin presence; a new magic mushroom was found, but not any kind: the Penis Envy Strain, a family of extremely powerful psilocybin-packed beasts
Some suspect a specimen from that patch foundin the Amazon forest later gave birth to the popular and very potent Amazon strain aka PESA.

If it wasn’t for their evident psilocybian content, Terrence McKenna perhaps wouldn’t have bothered bringing some spores prints back with him to his Colorado home (spore prints were legal to travel with, not magic mushroom biomass). There, Terrence started cultivating the specimen collected and sent spore print samples to colleagues from around the world, including to Dr. Steven Pollock.
Dr. Steven Pollock, a long-time believer in the therapeutical powers of psychedelic mushrooms and the first to document Psilocybe tampanensis, through a timely and refined genetic isolation process, came to create the unique magic mushroom specie we know of today as the Penis Envy or PE.

Though it presents a laborious and slow growth, Penis Envy is nonetheless reputed to be the one of the most cultivated and appreciated of the cubensis hybrids.
One can only suspect the patient artistry behind Pollock’s long and intricate process to refine the species. Hybridization is a process that optimizes the narrowing of singular strengths in the genetics: by pro-creating the best of its best, by isolating all the best traits, Pollock boosted the specie to its maxima, and created the “gargantuesque” and one of a kind odd looking PE.

It is said that the Penis Envy  specimen survived because its spores were sent to cultivators worldwide. Since McKenna and Pollock’s original isolations of the Amazon forest specimen, Penis Envy has conceived a variety of popular sub-strains such as Albino Penis Envy, Uncut Penis Envy, Albinos Penis Envy Revert, Texas Penis Envy, Trans Envy, and Penis Envy #6.
It is undeniable that through the agile hands of avid mycologist-engineers, the world of mushrooms is giving way to a new generation of odd-looking sub-strain hybrids, the Penis Envy family is just a drop in the ocean.

Visual Description

• Cap: Bulbous when young, soon broadly conical, slow to open, gradually expanding to convex, broadly umbonate or plane. Surface is smooth. Coloration is whitish to brown to yellowish, sometime cinnamon brown to dingy olive in age. Disk is often darker and margin clearer to whitish. Margin is regular. Flesh stains blue to blue-green. • Gills: adnate to adnexed. • Stem: Dense, at time wrinkly. Often presents a bulbous annular zone, making stem thicker in upper area. Flesh bruises blue or blue green when bruised. Coloration is white to yellowish sometimes brown in age. • Spore print: dark purplish brown • Microscopic features: 11-17×7-12 microns



Habitat Origin

HYBRID though suspected to originate from the Amazonian PESA cubensis. Said to be cultivated in-vitro worldwide.


They are known to provoke intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, immense joy, twisted notion of time and space, synaesthesia, lasting up to 4 hours. Out of body experiences, feeling of connectiveness with the universe. visual are described as “wavy” rather than “geometrical”. Often advised to consume with the right setting and mindset as their strong potency can also make one feel like a hostage.