Tidal Wave Cubensis, PE/B+

Tidal Wave cubensis, also known as the Tidal Wave mushroom is a Psilocybe cubensis hybrid resulting from the union of the very potent and unique looking Penis Envy and the versatile and spirited B+ strain. Usually, a hybrid is made to gather the strongest traits of each parent to become a “better” version of them

Like with the maternal and paternal heritage of a family tree, the Tidal Wave magic mushrooms detain a genetic pedigree on either side of their parents. On the B+ side,  the Tidal Wave shrooms inherited genetics from Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens, while on the Penis Envy side, are none other than those of the gargantuan Amazonian strain.

With no doubt, such a lineage is responsible for Tidal Wave mushrooms potency which is amongst the highest with over 2% psilocybin per dry weight.

Engineering magic mushroom mutants is a way to correct defaulting congenital traits. In the case of Tidal Wave cubensis, the hereditary of the B+ allowed for a fruitful harvest and easier cultivation, while the irreplaceable high potency and looks of the Penis Envy surely helped add uniqueness to the adventure.

In the magic mushroom world, it is no secret that the meaty phallic shaped caps of the Penis Envymushrooms tend to remain closed thus, not drop spores, making the harvest and cultivation most tedious. Because a weak sporulation doesn’t go hand in hand with a prosperous harvest, including the “easy harvest” genetics of the B+ cubensis ensured the Tidal Wave magic mushrooms would easily be cultivated. Fortunately, the hybridization trick worked, and Tidal Wave spores drop generously.

The in-vitro bubble optimizes the ecosystem and isolates genes that carry the favoured traits of each specimen. Mixing the genetic maps from different species allows for infinite explorative possibilities.

In the Tidal Wave growing community, avid myco-engineers are developing the Tidal Wave strains into genetics ranging from normal cubensis taxonomy to fat stiped Penis Envy-like fruits with a slightly larger cap.

A very strange mutant of Tidal Wave mushroom strain referred to as Tidal Wave Enigma or Brainiac, is a particularly interesting variety as instead of the usual fruiting bodies, it produces a blob-like mycelial mass that resembles the texture of a brain and has an exceptionally high potency.

On the Shroomery thread, this derivative of the Tidalwave mushroom is described as a “funky brain-like mutation” that are “incredibly gnarly mutant blobs”.

To this day the Tidal Wave shroom strain is an ongoing exploration. Within the magic mushroom community, it is common to hear of varieties such as Tidal Wave 2 mushroom, Tidal Wave 2 enigma, Tidal Wave 4 mushroom. The Tidal Wave mushrooms effects are described by users as “more like Ecstasy (with visuals) than normal cube trips”.

The interest in magic mushroom cultivation is definitely on the rise, and Tidal Wave spores are selling worldwide. Myco-engineers are exploring the possibilities and the end goal is to produce a stable Tidal Wave mushroom blob-like mutant that can produce enough spores to be fruited like a “Lion’s Mane” or “Hen of the Woods”.

Even if neither B+ nor Penis Envy are very fast growers, this crossing of traits makes of the Tidal Wave mushroom strain the ultimate chameleon: a true tidal wave, from cultivation to consumption; Tidal Wave cubensis is versatile beast, it is performant and extremely potent.

Surely, cross breeding has helped design a more performant strain. Where once the meaty bulbous cap of Penis Envy occasionally opened, the B+ produces responsive fruit bodies that generously drop spores and make cultivation much simpler.

Like a true tidal wave, the Tidal Wave mushroom is galloping its way into the conquered hearts of both growers and consumers.



Visual Description

•Cap: Bulbous when young, soon broadly conical, gradually expanding to convex, broadly umbonate or plane. Surface is smooth. Coloration is whitish to brown to yellowish, sometime cinnamon brown to dingy olive in age. Disk is often darker and margin clearer to whitish. Margin is regular. Flesh stains blue to blue-green. •Gills: adnate to adnexed. •Stem: Dense, at time wrinkly. Often presents a bulbous annular zone, making stem thicker in upper area. Flesh bruises blue or blue green when bruised. Coloration is white to yellowish sometimes brown in age. •Spore print: dark purplish brown



Habitat Origin

Hybrid, cultivated worldwide.


Tidal wave: an exceptionally large ocean wave, especially one caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption. A widespread or overwhelming manifestation of an emotion or phenomenon. Note the Tidal Wave is one of the most potent strains out there and must be consumed with parsimony and attention. They are known to provoke intense feelings of euphoria, deep introspection, philosophical thoughts, immense joy, twisted notion of time and space, synaesthesia, lasting up to 6 hours.