Types of Magic Mushrooms: Ranking Strongest to Weakest

Experimenting with different types of magic mushrooms is fun, intense and insightful. Users of these magical fungi are always curious about the history of the strains and the mind expanding effects that is inherent to each unique strain.

Before ordering and getting started with your microdose regimen, a lot of users wonder and ask themselves “what are the strongest magic mushrooms?” or, “which magic mushroom is right for my needs?”.

This guide will make you discover the strongest and weakest Psilocybe strains. We created an easy to read and digest list below.

The strongest mushroom out of all of them is the Psilocybe azurescens

psilocybe azurescensFor experienced users or for those looking to leave Earth for a few hours. In contrast to the Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe azurescens are STRONG! Hold onto your hats, because they can be intense, highly visual, potentially hyperdimensional, and leave you wondering, “whoah…. What happened!” Psilocybin levels in this species of magic mushrooms were found to contain up to 1.8% psilocybin by dry weight. One dried gram, or as little as a few dried shrooms, could be a potent dose.


How to identify the Psilocybe azurescens:

Taste: the most bitter out of all of the identifies magic mushroom species

Appearance: cap is chestnut to brown with some caramel hints but when dry it fades to light straw. Convex when young but top flattens out with age. Flesh turns purple and blue when bruised due to psilocybin content

Smell: odourless

Trip Report:

Here is a first hand experience from a Redditor. NOTE: s/he did not dose properly. But remember, it is ok to trip balls sometimes.

For about 30-45 minutes or so I only felt the slight onset, then it hit me like a train. I was lying in my bed with my laptop and suddenly I was completely out of it. I burst into laughter almost immediately because I was astounded by how it went from 0 to 100 so quickly, and it wasn’t even close to the peak yet. I honestly think this was my most intense trip to date. In my peripherals the light in the room from my lamp was changing colours and my hands felt like they were ethereal. Looking at the computer screen, I remember the letters looking similar to the text from Hotline Miami, and then after a bit they began to drift and move around, which made it incredibly hard to read.

I had a detailed plan set up, but it sort of disappeared. I walked outside a bit and admired the fresh snowfall over the trees and thought about my plans for the future, and I was glad to say I ultimately came to the decision I wanted, and solidified my decision to do such. I felt content with that and decided to head back inside.

I kept getting drawn to the patterns showing up on my pillow, and the ones showing up all over my hands, on top of the weirdness of my fingers seemingly getting longer, shorter, fatter, and thinner. I listened to some music- my go to, Breathe In The Air, and Hopes and Dreams from Undertale. The former relaxed me as it always does, but listening to Hopes and Dreams felt like the most energizing thing ever. My friend has done the same and honestly “going super saiyan” is really the best way to describe it. I felt completely empowered, but ended up having an impulse decision to go back and watch Space Dandy like I planned on.

It was great, honestly. The space visuals were amazing and due to my more volatile emotions, it felt hilarious. The choice of colors and character designs sucked me right in, and completely enraptured me with the coolness of it.

Here is a first hand experience from a different Redditor. NOTE: s/he did know what he was getting into.

“I did 2g over the summer and left this dimension. 3.5 might be a bit much for a beginner.”

Concluding thoughts: this is the strain for you if you want to leave Earth and have a profound visual and bodily experience. If you’re just starting out or looking for something more mellow then STAY AWAY.

The seconds strongest mushroom: Psilocybe bohemica

Same species as Psilocybe serbica. First seen in 1969 by Meinhard Moser and Egon Horak.

Psilocybin levels in this species of magic mushrooms were found to vary between 0.11% up to 1.34% by dry weight

Psilocybe bohemica, fresh in the outdoors

How to identify Psilocybe bohemica:

Taste: bitter

Appearance: it is a very variable species. Cap is brown to orange when living but pale when dried out. Convex or conical in shape. Flesh is white to cream and blue when bruised due to the psilocybin content.

Smell: raddish but never starchy

Trip Report:

We were not able to procure a first hand Psilocybe bohemica trip report from a trustworthy Redditor. This could be caused due to the reason that they are very rare and can only be found in the Czech Republic or Southeastern Germany.

#3: Psilocybe semilanceata AKA Liberty Caps

Liberty Caps in the wildPsilocybin levels in this species of magic mushrooms were found to be 0.98% by dry weight

How to identify the Liberty Cap:

Taste: bitter

Appearance: cream coloured cap with striations that become more pronounced with age. Also, Liberty Caps are distinguishable due to their pimple top AKA nipple top. The stem is slender and also cream coloured with blue towards the base.

Smell: musty

Trip Report

Here is a first hand experience from one of our own team members and also a fellow Redditor.

“Thought I’d just write a bit about my first experiences with Liberty Caps. Holy smokes was it an eye and mind opener… Took about an hour to kick in then another 30 mins or so before i was absolutely ZONKED and tripping through a space that was beyond  time and space. Came out of it with new creative ideas and an appreciation for nature that I never knew existed. And by nature I mean: myself, the people I love, and my environment. Thank you Liberty Caps!”

Mushroom benefits are very real.

Within the first 30 minutes the floor started to move and my head was a bit heavy and sloshy. Patterns emerged on the kitchen floor that reminded me of the cave painting you see in movies or history documentaries. Colours started emerging and flowering out of my sink. This was a very immersive and visual first 30 minutes.

The trip really started to hit me with things popping up in front of my face. Like that old school jet plane slalom game where trees are popping up out of nowhere and you have to dodge them. During this time my subconscious was bringing up strong feelings that featured both happy and sad memories. Almost as if the mushroom was trying to turn my past into wisdom.

Then things got a little hazy, remember thinking that if anyone saw me like this they would think i was having a seizure or something.  Felt i was whisked away through extremely powerful feelings of joy and excitement, alot of contemplation, questioning reality, talking to myself from multiple states of consciousness.

The trip was starting to wear off, felt all exciteable and giggly, as if i had to tell someone of my experience.

Had a cigarette at the window, then came back down to reality, was as if a switch had flicked, felt almost completely back to normal.

#4: Psilocybe cyanescens:

Psilocybe cyanescens fresh and in the wildernessHow to identify the Psilocybe cyanescens

Taste: bitter

Appearance: caramel to chestnut brown in colour

Smell: musty

Trip Report from the Reddit community.

So yesterday I took 1.2g of wild Psilocybe cyanescens that I found, and it was one of the most amazing experiences ive ever had in my life. Please bare with me as I have never done a trip report before.

So i ate the mushrooms at 6.00pm, just chewed them up, no fancy stuff, then went up to my bedroom and put a chillstep mix on my bluetooth speaker, listened to some music while I waited to come up. The first thing I noticed was that my balance was way off. I felt like the ground was moving when I tried to walk, along with some slight nausea.

At around half 7 I started to experience the most euphoric body high, sort of like MDMA but nicer, like I just felt so great I couldn’t believe how great my body felt. I grabbed my guitar and put on a slow blues backing track and jammed out for like half an hour, the whole time lay on my bed marvelling in the euphoria, that was pretty dope.

About 8.30 I went downstairs and munched 3 more caps, dont know if this made a difference but I did anyway. After about another hour my trip was in full swing. I was seeing the most beautiful patterns on my walls, like neon green and purple hexagons all joined up, a little bit like what molecules look like when you draw then out. i also spent a good half hour staring at myself in the mirror, this was very interesting, i was watching my face warp and the reflection kinda turned into an everchanging piece of psychedelic artwork, after a while i was no longer looking at myself, but rather looking at the essence of what it means to be human staring back at me, if that makes sense.

I remember after this a weird sensation kept creeping up on me, like my ears would start ringing amd my head felt like it was swelling really fast, as the swelling got worse the ringing intensified and my vision began to blur, it was very creepy and kind of scary, but it didnt effect me negatively.

At around 9pm I remember saying to myself outloud “what are you?” I think this was me trying to adress the mushroom, after i said this, it was like it replied to me, i heard in my head “turn off the lights and ill show you”. So i did, I turned off the music, and all the lights and i lay down on my bed staring into the darkness, and I was met with the most intricate dancing patterns, and the return of this strange sensation i explained earlier, except a lot more intense. This time it lasted a lot longer, and it was like something was trying to escape, it felt like my soul was trying to leave my body, and at the last minute my body would stop it, through fear of what would happen if it managed to get out. I felt like if it did, then i would die, which was scary, but after a whike of battling with this sensation, i decided to try and let it take over, it was like i was staring death in the face, almost inviting it, and the funny thing is when i surrendered myself to it, it just went away completely, and I felt like I had won some kind of battle.

I lay in the dark tripping for a while until about 11pm when i turned the lights back on, putthe music back on and started walking around my room, taking note of how good it felt to tense my muscles.

At around 1pm the trip ended, i was back on earth and i just sat and watched rick and morty until i was tired enough to fall asleep. Woke up this morning feeling fantastic.

#5: Psilocybe cubensis, the most popular and user friendly magic mushroom

Most people are likely to be familiar with Psilocybe cubensis, the incredibly cosmopolitan species grown in cupboards and under beds all over the planet.

Fresh Z strain mushrooms are a type of Psilocybe cubensis How to identify the Psilocybe cubensis:

Taste: This varies depending on the cubensis type.

Appearance: Comes in a variety of appearances as there are a plethora of different cubensis types. For example, the Golden Teacher mushroom or the Penis Envy.

Smell: Again, this varies depending on the cubensis type.

Trip Report:

The majority of the cubensis types are known to give one of the warmest visual and spiritual trips. Others are more intense and produce prominent body sensations and astounding visuals that contain ballet of tracers, dancing lights, and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are many types of magic mushrooms. If you’re looking for recreational doses the effects vary greatly. On the other hand, if you are looking to microdose the important part is the Psilocybin vs Psilocin content AND making sure you follow the regimens properly. If you are wondering how to microdose please checkout the in-depth guide we created that is backed by science and studies.


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